Introduced System Health Checks

March 2007, We introduced system health checks for company's that are struggling to understand how to make the most of their investment.

Database servers are a major investment for most organisations and a significant one. Ensuring you are getting the most of that investment is key. We do this by measuring the efficiency of your database server; essentially, is the system “firing on all cylinders”?

The efficiency of a system takes into consideration issues such as:

  • Is the database and operating system properly tuned?
  • Are there sufficient hardware resources for the various applications?
  • Is your High Availability and DR working and fit for purpose?
  • Have the proper indexes been created?
  • Are critical administrative utilities run regularly?
  • Is there adequate support and documentation of the system?

In a complex computing environment, the extent to which these and other issues are addressed will affect the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the systems in place. The database Health Check addresses these issues of efficiency and effectiveness by having a skilled Oracle engineer assess your Oracle-based computing environment.