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Welcome to ASC - the home for everything Oracle BI, particularly Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Portal and data warehousing


"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives"

William A. Foster

Business Intelligence

Armstrong-Smith Consulting is the expert when it comes to data warehouses and business intelligence initiatives built around the Oracle Standard Edition (Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and Oracle Portal) suite of tools. We have extensive knowledge of E-Business Suite and data warehousing in general, so if you are considering putting together a business intelligence offering let us help you. We are also experts in the SunGard Higher Education ODS and are partnered with SungardHE to deliver Discoverer training to their clients.

Training Courses

Armstrong-Smith Consulting is among the leading training organizations for Oracle Discoverer. We offer standard and customized training for both End User and Administration training. Click here for a full agenda

If you have never implemented Discoverer, are using one of the older versions, or simply want to see what all the hype is about, give us a call. You will not be disappointed, no one ever is. Our training is always top rated and our instructors are second to none.

If you have us teach your end user class, your users will learn how to build effective workbooks, the right way, the first time. If you have us teach your administrators, they will learn how to build the most-efficient business areas.

Here at Armstrong-Smith Consulting we have a simple maxim - What starts right stays right.

Customized Training

Are you interested in having customized training based on your own system. We offer this training on any version of Discoverer. So whether you have the latest 10.1.2; are still using 4i; or have anything in between, we can teach it. Call us on 931-284-4284 or contact us for more information.

Discoverer Evaluation

Are you having trouble with your Discoverer implementation? Are you struggling with knowing where to begin? If so, contact us and arrange for an evaluation of your current Discoverer implementation. One of our experts will visit you and conduct an in-depth analysis and evaluation; then we will assist you in developing a strategic plan for moving ahead.

Remote Discoverer Support

Are you a small organization and find that you cannot afford to hire a full-time Discoverer administrator and  / or report writer?  Let us solve your problem. We offer a full remote support service for organizations just like you.

  • We can maintain and support your Discoverer setup for you

  • We can write all of your workbooks

  • We can even set up your Discoverer installation

If you are interested please call us or send an email to:

Discoverer Blog

We run a blog and regularly update it with important and sometimes not so important information from the world of Discoverer and Business Intelligence. If you want to stay informed about our latest blog postings, click this link and subscribe to our feed.

Some of our recent blog postings of significance to Discoverer are:

Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook

We are the authors of the official Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook.

Discoverer News and Information

This area, intended to be a source of help to Discoverer administrators and end-users alike, is dedicated to furthering your knowledge of Oracle Discoverer. We cover Desktop, Plus, Viewer and the Administrator editions, and of course the use of Discoverer Portlets within the Oracle Portal.

Latest We have just posted a new white paper on our download page to help you size your Discoverer server. Michael also presented at the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference in New Orleans in June 2008. That paper, about manipulating dates, as well as the PowerPoint presentation and demo scripts can be downloaded from our downloads page:

Latest We have launched a new service for prospective authors of Discoverer, Oracle Warehouse Builder and Business Intelligence white papers, presentations and documents. Click here to take a look

Important Oracle announce revised roadmap for Discoverer (link)

Third party scheduling and emailing using febooti

Past News Our presentation (link) A first View of Discoverer 10g was awarded Best Presentation Content and Topic for ODTUG 2005 at the 2006 conference held in Washington DC. Click here to download the presentation.

Michael operates a dedicated Discoverer Blog where you will find lots of interesting topics and discussions, including additional commentary on our 10g Handbook.

Click here to download these and previous conference presentations and white papers


SunGard Higher Education

Armstrong-Smith Consulting is partnered (link) with SunGard Higher Education to provide Discoverer training and consultancy to SunGard Higher Education's ODS and EDW user base. To help SunGard Higher Education's clients we have developed a complete Oracle Discoverer training package for the ODS (Operational Data Store) and delivered training to over 25 institutions. Our feedback is that the training is excellent.

Are you a higher education institution using the SunGard Higher Education ODS? Are you using Oracle Discoverer? If the answer to both of these is Yes, let us teach you how to put it all together. For further information please contact either your SunGard Higher Education Account Manager or send an email to us.


Armstrong-Smith Consulting is also partnered (link) with InfoCaptor to bring you access to a superb dashboard tool that can revolutionize the way you see your Discoverer metadata. We have been using it in-house and can endorse this tool's ability to make available your Discoverer metadata to a wider audience in a format that you'll love.

With InfoCaptor you have the ability to generate CSV, Excel, HTML and PDF output of your data. You will love this tool - and it's affordable too. For an HTML example of the output from our own database, click here. To purchase or to find out more information, click here

Last updated: October 28, 2008 
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